Annette Lambeth Answers The Question, ‘Why Education Is Important.’

As Annette Lambeth points out, Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a condition that has seen a dramatic rise in recent years. It has recently been estimated that over one in ten children are diagnosed with the disability in the United States alone. This represents a huge 42% rise from only a decade ago – and even though most of those diagnosed are undergoing treatment via medication or therapy – it is nevertheless a significant burden on educational institutions. In terms of learning, ADHD causes inattention and behavioral difficulties, and left undiagnosed is a major disadvantage to both the individual and his or her fellow classmates. Those children who have been diagnosed have a tendency to be more disruptive in the classroom, and teachers need to be fully aware of the attendant problems caused by an ADHD sufferer at school.

As yet, there is unfortunately not enough research to point to any underlying cause for this rise in ADHD. Studies so far suggest that a heightened awareness – as well as driven marketing campaigns by pharmaceutical companies in order to promote medicated remedies – have lead to a spike in diagnoses. It might be some time before research finds a definitive cause, so in the meantime there should be an added focus placed on helping children who have already been diagnosed. Annette Lambeth is an educational support specialist based in Colorado who has focused her studies and professional career on providing and improving learning support programs for children with disabilities such as ADHD. She has authored and published an important paper entitled ‘Learning Style Preferences for Secondary Students Identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.’ For Annette Lambeth, why education is important is a question that should be answered by every schoolchild, regardless of whether thay have a disability or not.

As mentioned, diagnosed students usually have trouble paying attention in class or at home, and are often prone to impulsive behaviour. This leads to careless mistakes, and ultimately educational and social difficulties. It is vital that ADHD is detected from an early age so that children receive the attention and education they deserve. Annette Lambeth is one of many of the professionals around the country who work hard to design and implement programs that fit these requirements for students aged from ages 3-21 years old.

An important document by Annette Godfrey Lambert on CrowdRise informs us that in  1975, the federal government pledged to support children with disabilities that affect their learning by providing specialized educational programs in each school. It is only fairly recently, however, that these educational programs are getting the attention they deserve. For Annette Lambethis at the very core of her life’s work, and she is rapidly becoming something of an inspiration for a generation of educational specialists determined to understand and eradicate the effects of suffering from such disabilities.


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