Annette Lambeth, Achievements in the Field of Special Education

I, Annette Godfrey Lambeth, have spent my career doing some of the most rewarding work I can imagine. Few people can say they enjoy their work for how rewarding and equally challenging it is, but working in education often fills these needs. In my time in education I have focused most on trying to help those children most in need, with learning disadvantages. These children, whilst often bright and talented, have illnesses such as ADHD which prevent them from getting the full benefits of the current education system. My colleagues and I have committed ourselves to trying to tackle such injustices and help create a more equal education system.

You can find out more about my life and career here at Annette Godfrey Lambeth on CrowdRise. I am proud to say that in my career I have reached some achievements that I hope has contributed to the field of special education. I graduated from Immaculata University with a doctorate in Educational Administration and Leadership, with a  4.0 GPA. My thesis paper for my final year was titled “Learning Style preferences for Secondary Students identified with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”, and went on to become an important document in special education circles. The aim was to challenge and conceive new ways how to best help children with  ADHD fulfill their potential.

I spent the next 19 years of my career after graduation as a School Administrator, including Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Special Education and Executive Director of Student Support Services. Using this experience I have been lucky enough to take part in key events in the special education calendar. I was the presenter at 2015 Colorado Association of School Executives on IEP Facilitation and also the presenter at 2016 Courage to Risk Conference on IEP Facilitation.

However, one of my proudest achievement sin the industry so far has been  developing a  Special Education Summer Symposium in an effort to recruit, retain and support new teachers to the field of Special Education. Anyone who works in special education understands the pressures and challenges associated with the job, and so I hoped with this symposium that teachers and assistants could build networks, share stories and help solidify their reasons for working in the industry. It is vital for the future of education that we keep these hard-working and dedicated people to help children reach their full potential. Find out more about me here at Annette Godfrey Lambeth – Executive Director of Student Support Services.


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