Annette Lambeth and Education Equality

Annette Lambeth is the Executive Director of Student Support Services in the Adams 12 Five Star School District in Colorado. At the helm of a team of directors, coordinators, and specialists in educational support, she aids the development and effective running of supported learning programs. Unfortunately many conditions exist which affect a child’s learning, and diagnoses of ADHD and autism are on the rise. Speech and language impairments, as well as dyslexia, emotional disturbance, and more, are also key causes of difficulty learning. Many students are affected from an early age, so support programs are in place for children from the age of 2 up until they turn 21.

The intended outcome is to provide access to education for any student, regardless of any obstacles. Education is not a one size fits all, and it has always been known that different learning styles match different people. Students with an educational barrier have in the past been disadvantaged and ignored, however now many of these disabilities are on the rise. As a result there has been greater attention paid and respect given to those working to design improved programs in order to give any student the right to a strong education. Look up Annette Lambeth – official account on DeviantArt – to find out more about how she has individually applied herself to overcoming these barriers.

Annette Lambeth’s inspiration came at an early age. She has always held education in high regard personally, and after her degree in Secondary Social Studies from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania she went on to receive her Masters in Education and finally has completed a doctorate in Education Administration and Leadership from Immaculata University in Pennsylvania. Her expertise has been highly valued by colleagues, students, and parents in Colorado, and although it is not an easy role she cites her work as incredibly rewarding. With the first hand knowledge of how impact a strong education can be, Lambeth is personally dedicated to ensuring that every student receives the individual resources necessary for learning.

For Annette Lambeth, striving to make education inclusive for all has been the cornerstone of her career. Special education teachers and administrators certainly do not have an easy task, but for many it is a passion that is highly rewarding.


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