Annette Lambeth – The Importance of a Fair Education for Every Child

Annette Godfrey LambethConservative social structures have long had a negative influence in subverting and subtly tailoring educational systems for their long term benefit. In a country in which the gap in quality between private and state schools is rapidly increasing, it seems that society is accepting that education should not be a universal right, and that it should be the most privileged who benefit from the privileges of a good education. However, a similar attitude subconsciously exists within even the parameters of state school education. As an educational administrator, it is my job to study, develop and implement changes to and encourage discussion about the educational structures in our country. In my 19 year experience working in the industry, there has been one very significant injustice which I have built a career upon trying to solve. From my perspective, one of the great failings of our current system is its inability to help all those who attend school due to its rigid structure.

Currently it is geared towards helping the brightest minds achieve their full potential and catapult them into an academic higher education. Unfortunately, the reality for many children is simply that these goals are out of reach. Especially those with special educational needs, whom I am dedicated to helping in my particular strand of work. What I and colleagues are working on on a daily basis is helping to contribute incrementally to what will over time be a monumental shift in the way we approach children’s education. We want to lay the foundations for a system that benefits all those who are involved, not just those born with the ability to achieve high academic grades.

It was this desire that led me to the creation of the Special Education Summer Symposium last summer. The development of this project had a very specific goal- to help recruit, retain and support teachers working with children who have special educational needs. The event was a resounding success, and made a small but significant success into raising the awareness of the importance of our long-term cause. By having the right teachers with the right motivations working to help children with special educational needs, we are helping evolve the system from the inside, and hope that in the future more people will appreciate the importance a more equal education system for all is.


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