Annette Lambeth – The Importance of Early Childhood Education

Annette Lambeth

To become an independent person who is self-sustaining and possesses the knowledge needed to function in society, it is crucial to receive a proper education. Most people agree that education is fundamental to living a happy, stable life, but there is some debate regarding what age formal education should begin. While many parents choose to enroll their children in school at the kindergarten level, others feel that pre-kindergarten schooling is an advantageous way to give children a better chance at succeeding academically.

Throughout her extensive career, Annette Lambeth has learned just how important education actually is, especially for young learners. After graduating from Immaculata University with a doctorate in Educational Administration and Leadership, Ms. Lambeth went on to hold a multitude of esteemed positions in education, including 19 years in administrative positions including Assistant Principal, Principal, Director of Special Education, and Executive Director of Student Support Services. In Ms. Lambeth’s expert opinion, early education is an important initial step in making sure children are socially and academically ready for more challenging levels of school as they get older.

School is the primary institution that influences the first years of every child’s life, and the experiences they have here will help determine what kind of person they grow into. In fact, research has shown that children who are enrolled in pre-kindergarten programs are better behaved and have higher IQ scores upon entering kindergarten than their peers who opt out of this education. Additionally, children taught at an early age usually improve their social skills, get better grades, enhance their attention spans, and require less extra help during subsequent school years.

Another major benefit of pre-kindergarten education is the positive impact it can have on children with learning or physical disabilities. This topic is especially significant to Ms. Lambeth, who has spent a good portion of her career as a school administrator working with kids who require special education. According to Ms. Lambeth, children with special needs need more effort, more attention, and more resources than their peers, which is a key reason why pre-kindergarten programs can be highly advantageous for these individuals.

No matter what your opinion is on pre-kindergarten education versus starting school in kindergarten, all children benefit from education in their early developmental years, and it is people like Annette Lambeth who make sure they receive the learning they need to thrive.


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