Annette Lambeth – Special Education

Annette LambethThe American school system is full of children who have special educational needs but there is a systemic lack of expertise and resources in place that will allow these children to have their needs met. Children with special needs require more effort, more attention and need more educational resources. It is our duty to make sure that these requirements are met. When I went into the educational system after graduating from Immaculata University I knew that I wanted to make a difference and the area of special needs struck me as a uniquely demanding and rewarding area in which to focus my efforts. For children with learning difficulties, every single day at school can be a struggle, and having an adequate system in place by which their complex needs can be met really does make a world of difference.

I have always been interested in how systems can be altered to accommodate people with differences and this interest was invaluable to the work that I carried out as a School Administrator and Director of Special Education. In this capacity I was required to think up ways to accommodate students with special needs and to make the classroom learning experience a fun and valuable experience for them. I was determined to ensure that no child would be left out, and that institutions could be made to cater for even the most unique of learning needs. I believe firmly in the accessibility of education and think that every child has a right to learn it is our duty in the educational system to provide for a vast range of differences.

It was with this goal in mind that I worked to develop a Special Education Summer Symposium that was designed to recruit, retain and support new teachers to the field of Special Education, compensating for a lack of teachers within this field. Special Education can be a difficult and challenging area in which to work and it is important not to let teachers become isolated we need to give them the support and back-up they need in these complex situations. The symposium was a success and Special Education remains an area that is close to my heart in both my personal life and professional work I would like to see more improvements in this area.


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